The sets on this page can be found at Spiralbound Sims Yahoo Group 1 and 3.
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Update 07/31/2009

Recolor of my set for Simblesse Oblige's Summer Luau. Credits: Maxis.

6 in 1 Cloths
A series of rug-based cloths that can be draped over stuff. "Sofa cloths", "low cloths", and "bed cloths" can be used on sofas, chairs, beds, and some tables. "Rail cloths" pretty much only fit rails. There's some object bleeding, and you'll have to play with the rotation depending on what object you use. I used Aponee's 6-in-1 rug base that doesn't require a Sim to select. More previews are in the yahoo group.

Quiet Bath
Two recolors of Simcredible Enjoy the Silence Bath.

SHS Bath
Recolor of Sim House Style Bath.

Cypress Patio
credits: Sim Interior Designs, Around the Sims, Gookabee, SSoW

Update 07/27/2009

Leaf Patio
Recolor of Simcredible Avila Patio.

White Stone Loft addons - Parapets and Planters
Some addons to match the Simthing for Everyone set.

Jendea Villa Match Grill and Planters
A remake of the SSoW/ATS kitchen grill, with cleaner sprites. Replaces old file. Also includes planters cloned from Bunny Wuffles.

Update 05/04/2009

Xanthe Dressing Room
Two dressing room sets. Big mirror base from Parsimonious. Angled chair can be used as seat or surface, base from SSoW.

Maitland Dining - Black
A recolor of the Maitland Dining set. Tables and chairs are tileable.

Update 02/22/09

Recolor of one of my favorite Parsimonious sets made for my Parsimonious-style beach house.

Hanging Cloths
These were inspired by the tablecloths over at Simply Rubi. Rug-based items that can be placed over railings and beds. Some bleeding may occur. Works best with Maxis-sized objects.

Update 02/01/09

Coconut Hut Bahama Bazaar 2007
Here are objects I made for Rae's Relics, my shop at the 2007 Bahama Bazaar at the Coconut Hut. These files are available at Yahoo Group 1.

Update 11/26/08

Almost Invisible Bed
Eons after the fact, I realized my original invisible beds had no means of clicking on them if you want your sims to use the features. The "Almost Invisible" Beds are invisible except for a small headboard you can click for actions. The beds come in 4 colors: white, black, wood, and stone. These beds are based on M & M Needful Things' XXX Lovebed. You can get the animations from M & M Needful Things. These beds are meant to be used with rug-based beds. The Almost Invisible Lovebed is free to clone/recolor, with credit.

Linnet Lounge
requires Hot Date EP
credits: Simcredible, Studio Sims, Donna

Etta Loungers
credits: Giselle of Fashion Show

Brown Awning
requires Vacation EP

Winter Add-on: Small Dresser
Here is a small, non-bleeding dresser for the Winter Bedroom Set.
credits: S.S.o.W.

Update 08/04/08

Deko Windows
The windows in this file were designed to match the two-story windows from Jendea Simitecture. The files beginning with "rae_dekowood_" will replace the old files. Please delete the files that begin "rae_jnddoor", rae_jndwood", "rae_jndwind". The object ID numbers are the same. The small and medium windows were cloned from Maxis originals. No EPs needed. Thanks to Jendea for allowing her wonderful items to be recolored. Enjoy!

Update 07/05/08

Latte Sectionals
Months and months ago, I decided to try to make a sectional. I never really liked the way it looked, but after all the time I put into it, I just kind of gave up and swore I'd never make another sectional. Then I saw this plush looking sofa set in an apartment guide, and I had to at least try to reproduce it. This is the result. My Sims have been on an animal-product kick lately (all, fauxs, don't worry!), and have been trying to decorate with various horns and ivory pieces and furs. The rugs are recolors of an Inspiration Loft rug. The sectionals are all mine. They include a corner piece that acts as both a seat and a surface, and both left and right recliners. The pieces are over-sized and so they will bleed into walls.
credits: Secret Society of the Woobsha, Inspiration Loft

Wild Living
Rawrrr! Set also includes a cheetah print set not pictured.
credits: S.S.o.W., Another #%*& Sim Site

Eastern Living
A little taste of the Orient.
credits: Turbollama, S.S.o.W., Inspiration Loft, Fat Strawberry, plants by Koromo of Persimmon Grove

Calliope Patio
Chillax with this comfy summer dining set. Requires House Party EP.
credits: Maxis

Update 04/30/08

Breakfast Sets
The tables in these sets are cloned from S.S.o.W.'s breakfast tables. Sims prefer to eat at these tables between 2 am and 10 am, making them ideal for patios and breakfast nooks. No EPs required.
credits: Around the Sims, Summery Girl

credits: Comhair, Fat Strawberry



English Dressing Room
credits: Turbollama, Another #%*& Sim Site

Massive Tables
Copper, metal, and marble slabs for *industrious* Sims. These require House Party EP.

Maitland Dining
A set of tileable, 1-tile tables and chairs. Make a table or picnic bench as long as you want. Tables require Hot Date EP.

Angelo Bath
credits: Super Sims (zooms fixed)

Tree Lamps

Pacific Fireplace
credits: Inspiration Loft

Update 03/08/07

Brown Deko Windows
credits: Jendea Simtecture

White Stone Loft addons
credits: Turbollama @ the Coconut Hut, Kiri's Simthing for Everyone

Vintage Dining
credits: Maxis; This set is a recolor of my "Treasured" set, a gift for the Coconut Hut's 2006 Secret Santa exchange.

Also, a few more set addons!

Update 01/03/08

Oops, I did it again! That is, took another long break between sets. I have some bad news. Like so many of our brothers and sisters, I too have been seduced by the darkside... Sims 2!!! I'm not going to be making anything for Sims 2 , but I'm pretty much tapped out of ideas for Sims 1. Okay, not exactly, but I just don't have the same enthusiasm and patience for making stuff. If I feel like it, there's a couple of ideas I have that I may get around to transmogrifying, but I wouldn't hold your breath, 'cause I sure ain't holdin' mine. There's also some lots I kinda want to share, but I still haven't worked out the shopping lists yet and don't know if I ever will. If worse comes to worse I'll just post pics and the files without a formal list. In the meantime, enjoy these sets and have a Very Happy Belated Holidays!

Faces of Truth (old gift to Simbella forum)
Sigh. Simbella's forum has closed down, alas. These paintings were the first "gift" I ever made, and I think they were the first object I ever shared.
credits: Donna/ Builder Sim

International Clocks
credits: Donna/ Builder Sim

Rattan Sofas
Recolors of John Adaone's Rattan set.

More John Adaone Sofas
Recolors of John Adaone's Elegant sofas.

Inset Windows
credits: Maxis; requires Hot Date EP

Loft Windows
credits: Simming Isn't my Life YG; B-List YG

Gaia Addons
credits: Original tapestries by Piggi's Sims

Red Velvet Cafe
credits: Frilly Sims, BNJxLVR for head meshes; Chriko @ 2-for-U for Mother's outfit mesh; SSoW for register
Set includes coffee cart, pastry cart, matching counter, and cash register. Requires Unleashed

Quin Bistro
credits: SSoW for register; Simcredible for salad display; Parsimonious for lights and shelves; Some Sim Things for Food Server; Turbollama for place-anywhere trays
See ReadMe for NPC credits
requires Hot Date, possible Unleashed

Pacific Bistro
This is basically a recolor of the Quin Set.

Update 09/28/07

Sorry for such a long delay between updates! I've got a bunch of stuff that should've been out ages ago. Coming up after this batch, expect a cafe, a nice little bistro set, some (more) add-ons for the Gaia set, an office set or two, a small dressing room, and possibly a few houses that I think might be worthy. In the meantime, I've got some recolors for you.

Garden Set
Recolors of Around the Sims's Violine Set.

Affection Kitchen - bleached
Recolors of Simcredible's Affection kitchen.

Seaside Build
Bunny Wuffles

Jendea Italian Villa Grill Match
Uses the interior brick texture from the Jendea Italian Villa set, matches the counters and steps. For the grill, you will need the BBQ files from Around the Sims. The small table doubles as a seat.
credits: Jendea Simtecture, Around the Sims, SSoW

Fresca Bath
credits: Simcredible, SSoW, Simophor

More Mirrors
credits: Donna @ The Simbella Forum, Maxis

Update 08/30/07

It's the 1st Anniversary of Page 16! To celebrate, I've got a bunch of sets for you Spiralbound Simmers out there!

Diagonal Windows
fake windows for diagonal walls
credits: C & C Enterprises

Stones Build Set
credits: Jendea Simitecture, Bunny Wuffles

Vesti Dressing Room Set
Dressers can go underneath stairs.
credits: Turbollama @ The Coconut Hut

Rae's Sectional
Comes in 8 different colors. Pics included in zip files. credits: SSoW

Update 08/14/07

More Curio Dressers
credits: SSoW

Harmony Recolors
credits: Honey Sims

Wicker Rocker II
credits: Maxis

Update 08/02/07

Cabin Bath
credits: Simcredible

Dapper Kitchen
credits: Super Sims

Silver Superstar Window
credits: Maxis

Conversate Sets
credits: Gnomon

Update 06/28/07

FS-GI Choconook Chaise Recolors
credits: Fashion Show

Coppers Room Set
credits: Maxis, Turbollama, Woobsha, Around the Sims, Donna, Another #%*& Sim Site
requires HD, probably LL

Coppers II Room Set
credits: Turbollama, Woobsha, Simlogical, Around the Sims, Donna

Update 06/07/07

Marble Kitchen
Comes in 3 colors! Requires HP for island
credits: Maxis

picture credits: wall/floor: Jendea; window: 77 Sim Lane; utensils,tea,sink: Simcredible; chairs: Super Sims; plant: Parsimonious

Jubilee Dining
With a buffet table that doubles as a surface, and a table for enlightening breakfast conversation. Requires HD for tables.
credits: Maxis, Spiralbound Sims (1-tile tables), S.S.o.W. (buffet table), Gnomon (breakfast table logic), Simcredible (stereo)

Update 05/23/07

Capricorn Kitchen & Dining
When you don't have a lot of money, or space, but you do have a lot of taste. Requires HD for 1-tile tables.
credits: dining table: me; wall mirror: Donna @ Simbella Forum; spice tray: Around the Sims; fruit basket: Whiteshark80 @ Simcredible/SSoW

Update 05/09/07

More housekeeping! I've cleaned up some old files so that they look a bit nicer. These are all in the UPDATE folder and include the Artset posters, Friendship Dining, Greer Dining, the Gaia guitar, the Goodnight bed bears, and the towels from the Mystery folder. I've also added three new decorative curio pieces that can go on top of any surface.

ATS Cordes in Nature Matches
credits: original chair: Around the Sims

Pacific Dining
credits: buffet/sideboard: S.S.o.W., orange tree: Simposium, Maxis

Friendship Chair
An updated version of the dining chair for the Friendship Set.

Update 04/29/07

Today I have fixed four of the zip files for Winter Coats in Yahoo Group 2, and the zip file for the Shoji Bath Set. Also, because yahoo groups now offers more space in each group, I am moving the files from Group 4 to Group 3. Look for today's update in the "Update" folder at Yahoo Group 3.

Zen Bath
credits: Maxis, Simlogical, Madoria

Oriental Screens - (dressers)
credits: Simlogical

Double Duty Dressing: The Bamboo Room
credits: dresser/screen - Simlogical; stool/surface - S.S.o.W.; mirror/painting - Donna; desk/bookcase - Turbollama @ The Coconut Hut

Update 04/19/07

His & Her Set
credits: S.S.o.W.

credits: S.S.o.W., Simbella Forum

Update 03/27/07

Simblesse Oblige Challenge: Happiness
Fat Strawberry
Happiness Livingroom
credits: Simcredible, S.S.o.W., Jendea Simitecture

credits: Jerome, Miss Angela, Chriko

Sofabed Recolors One of my first recolors!
credits: Summery Girl

Rome Lounge Chair Recolors
Another one of my first recolors!
credits: Quayside

Shoji Bath
credits: Maxis

Whistle Bath
credits: Maxis

Music Clerks
credits: S.S.o.W., , Simscorner, All About Sims, Built to Sim

Update 01/21/07

Three Bookcases
credits: Maxis

Elegant Bath Set
credits: Simophor, Around the Sims, SSoW

Winter Set addon
credits: SSoW

Also today I have rug-based bags and a rug-based addon to the City Set.

Update 01/04/07

Happy New Year! Today, I have the revised Winter Comfort Set (minus the sofas), and I have three more updates, including a study and some accesories, and an addon (not pictured) to the City Set - the same cat basket, but based on a rug, so it can be placed under and through stuff. Enjoy!

Three Bags
credits: Around the Sims

Halder Set
credits: Madoria's World for desk shelf
requires Hot Date for chair

Update 12/28/06

Note: Today I want to offer my apologies to Secret Sims, as the Winter Comfort set included a recoloring of one of her lovely sofa sets from TSR, but without her permission. I've taken the set down from the Yahoo Group. Once again, I'd like to offer my apologies to Secret Sims and to downloaders. Always double check those cloning policies!

Update 12/22/06

Happy Holidays to all! My gift to all you good little boy and girl Simmers out there is the Winter Comfort Set. Enjoy!


Winter Comfort
credits: Donna, Exotic Elements, Secret Sims, M&M Needful Things for the XXX loveseat(desk)

Update 12/09/06

New Yahoo Group! These files are located at Spiralbound Sims 4 Yahoo Group.

Wicker Rockers
credits: M&M Needful Things for the XXX rocker animations

Gaia Set
credits: SSOW, Around the Sims, With Sim Love, Super Sims, The Simposium
requires Vacation EP and House Party EP

Friendship Dining
credits: SSOW, Bunny Wuffles
requires Vacation EP

Update 11/25/06

Double-Duty Dressers & Curio-Based Deco Objects

credits: Secret Society of the Woobsha
NOTE 1: Dressers require no EP, but you need to Vacation EP to use them as surfaces.
NOTE 2: Downloader beware! These objects bleed like crazy, despite my efforts. Sorry! :\

Update 11/04/06

City Set

credits: Secret Society of the Woobsha, Studio Sims, Mermaid Cove, Around the Sims, Turbollama @ The Coconut Hut, Donna @ Simbella Forum, Simcredible Designs
requires LL, HP, HD

Update 10/04/06: Ikea-Inspired

Sorbo Kitchen
credits: Secret Society of the Woobsha

Abstrakt Kitchen
credits: Another #%*& Sim Site, Around the Sims, Donna, Poetica's Plunder @ The Coconut Hut
requires LL

Askome Kitchen
credits: Around the Sims, Sim Gedoehns, Another #%*& Sim Site
requires LL, HD

Update 09/20/06

Shell Set
credits: Summery Girl, SSoW, Jendea Simitecture, Around the Sims, Simposium. Wall and Floor by Tribecca Sims.
Requires Hot Date EP

Greer Set
credits: Fashion Show, Around the Sims
Requires HD

Naomi Set
credits: Around the Sims, Secret Sims
Some pieces require HD.

Update 09/05/06

Table Bases
2-rotation and 4-rotation table base for object makers.
Requires Hot Date EP

Wood Build Set
credits: Exotic Elements, Bunny Wuffles, Another #%*& Sim Site, and Simposium
Sets includes matching wall, floor, roof, gables, dormers, and counters. Whitewash set only includes gables.
Requires LL

Honey Sims Sequioa Recolors
credits: Aly of Honey Sims
Requires HD, LL, and HP

Update 08/31/06

Beach Windows in Wood
credits: Illustrated Sims
requires Vacation EP

Mirror Deco (2 versions)
credits: Around the Sims, S.S.o.W.
One version is based on Sandy's place-anywhere sculpture, and the other is based on the place-anywhere curio from SSoW.

Faux Staircases
credits: Lizzy of Simzalabim
requires Livin' Large EP

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